A Cut Above

To remain competitive in a global market, you need to offer value and service. HE&M Saw of Pryor, Oklahoma does just that. We spoke with Chief Engineer Maxwell Harris about competition from overseas, the effect of artificial intelligence (AI) on the industry, and what it means to be family-run and owned.

HE&M Saw

Automation Experts for the Changing Auto Industry

Many of the world’s biggest Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Tier 1 Suppliers come to HTI Cybernetics® for the company’s integrated automation and tooling solutions. “We provide what we refer to as intelligent manufacturing solutions,” says CEO Eric McAlexander.

HTI Cybernetics

Keeping the Aerospace Industry Above the Clouds

AIM Aerospace is changing the way airplanes are being built. With its R&D in thermoplastics and investments in the latest automation technology, the skies are looking very blue.

AIM Aerospace

Keeping Buildings at Their Best

Keeping Buildings at Their Best Campbell Mechanical Services, Inc.By David H. Caldwell View in E-MagazineView in Brochure As building technology advances, maintaining buildings and their infrastructure gets more challenging. Ohio-based Campbell Mechanical Services, Inc. has serviced and upgraded HVAC, plumbing and electrical infrastructure for over 50 years. Still proudly in the family, Campbell Mechanical Services traces its origins to founder Ken Campbell, who started a small plumbing operation in 1968. “My grandpa started the company in his garage in Sylvania, Ohio, and my grandmother was a teacher,” recalls current Principal and Owner Kris Campbell. Yet despite its origins in plumbing […]

Campbell Mechanical Services, Inc.

Over 100 Years of Quality

Sectors such as industrial gas, petrochemical, and shipbuilding require products that are dependable and made to withstand the toughest conditions imaginable. For over one hundred years, CPV Manufacturing has provided customers in many sectors with unbeatable valves and fittings.

CPV Manufacturing

All About Tubes

Founded in the early 1980s, G&L Tubing has since grown by focusing on custom tubing and consistent but cautious expansion. This approach has helped the company grow from a tiny outfit with a single tube mill in the founder’s basement to one that employs roughly 180 people and counts Fortune 500 companies as clients.

G & L Tubing

Cutting Carbon

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Industrial Revolution was fuelled mainly by coal. Abundant coal made machines cheap to operate while devastating air and water with pollution, engulfing entire cities like London, England in smoke and soot.

The Impact of Climate Change on Manufacturing

A Heavy Focus on Safety and Sustainability

Exal Corporation manufactures premium aluminum packaging for a variety of companies that offer packaged consumer goods. It produces innovative impact-extruded aluminum beverage bottles and aerosol containers for the personal care, home care, and pharmaceutical industries. The company can also assist its customers with design and branding to optimize sales. Headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio since 1993, the company has expanded to five facilities located in North and South America.

Exal Corporation

Parachutes Made with Military Precision

When a company reaches its centenary year, it has earned the right to celebrate. This milestone is not achieved through luck; a sizeable portion of the success is down to more tangible factors such as strategy, product, and dedication. And these are three primary aspects of how Airborne Systems does business.

Airborne Systems

From Waste to Value

As a collective whole, we consumers have a tendency to overuse, rapidly devalue, and immediately discard items to waste as soon as said product no longer satisfies our needs. Inevitably, the correlation between extreme production rates and large amounts of waste is extremely detrimental to our environment.

Waste Management Practices and Innovations