A First Choice

What started out as a machine shop in 1997 now has a reputation as the “go-to problem solver” for a variety of manufacturers in upstate South Carolina. Whether it is a production glitch, a packaging problem, a machining issue or if there is a need for staffing, inspections or delivery, Secondary Solutions is often the first call they make.

Secondary Solutions

Focusing on Health and Wellness

Algood Food Company is a producer of high-quality peanut butter, jams, jellies, and preserves in Kentucky and provides private-label packaging services to various markets including retail, industrial, food service, contract manufacturing, and the U.S. Government.

Algood Food Company

GROB’s Very Good Year

It has been a good year for GROB. The company has won a series of prestigious awards from automotive manufacturers and debuted cutting-edge machine tools and related equipment. The family-owned company, based in Mindelheim, Germany, designs and builds machine tools, manufacturing systems, and industrial software, and offers extensive customer support and training.


An Inclusive and Diverse Workplace in Manufacturing

Specializing in custom refractory and combustion solutions, Onex provides high heat end users with the services and products necessary to maintain an industrial furnace properly. The company was founded in Erie, Pennsylvania, in 1966, as a distributor of refractory products. After Ric Walters purchased shares of stock in 1987, Onex started to include service and installation. It also began to manufacture a product line of furnace equipment under the name Blue Diamond.


Creating Networking Opportunities for Women in South Carolina

Achieving success as a woman in business doesn’t happen “in spite of being a woman” or by overcoming perceived obstacles. Women who achieve success in business will tell you it is about lifting each other up, motivating each other, sharing successes and failures, and finding a common voice.

South Carolina Women’s Advisory Group (SCWAG)

Supporting, Promoting and Inspiring Women in Industry

Out of a need came an idea, and out of an idea came a movement. Women in Manufacturing (WiM) is a national trade association that offers a host of professional development, education, and networking opportunities that previously did not exist for women in industry.

Women in Manufacturing (WiM)

High-Performance CNC Routers and Large Scale Additive Manufacturing Machines

Thermwood Corporation began business in 1969 by coming up with a process to thermoform wood grain plastics. These molded components were primarily used in the furniture industry in the 1970s. The company jumped into the creation of computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines when it began manufacturing CNC routers to work with non-ferrous materials such as wood, plastics, and composites. A few years ago, it entered the three-dimensional (3D) printing and additive manufacturing sector and developed a full, large-scale additive manufacturing system that both prints and machines a product using a single piece of equipment.

Thermwood Corporation

Women in the Manufacturing Workforce

Over the last few decades, the American manufacturing industry has seen tremendous growth. As the economy improves and the drive to re-shore overseas facilities continues to bring manufacturing jobs back to U.S. soil, the one chief limiting factor on growth is a dwindling talent pool.

One Solution to the Skills Gap

Bold Innovation in Quality Pet Care

We all want the best for our four-legged friends – the dogs and cats that form a part of our family. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, SynergyLabs has been working for decades to bring higher standards to pet care products. Now the company is poised to begin a bold new chapter.


Speaking Up for American Manufacturing Jobs

For over two hundred years, Revere Copper Products, an employee-owned company, has taken a lead role in American manufacturing. While it remains a key player in the supply chain, the company, like so many American manufacturers, has suffered as a result of various trade agreements. Recently, we enjoyed a wide-ranging interview with Revere Copper Products’ Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning Amy O’Shaughnessy in Rome, New York. And when we say ‘wide-ranging,’ we are not exaggerating.

Revere Copper Products

The Power of Fluids on Display

Anyone working in the field of power transmission, fluid control, and motion control would be wise to attend the International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE), slated for March 10 to 14, 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Staged only once every three years, the exposition is considered the premier fluid power industry event in North America.

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