Over 50 Years of Precision Turned Components for Any Application

Since 1965, Swiss Automation has been a supplier of precision turned components, and its work has been rewarded with contracts that extend to the aerospace, defense, medical device, firearms, and hydraulics markets. We spoke with National Sales Director Tom Irvin to find out more.

Swiss Automation

The New Capabilities of Additive Manufacturing

It’s easy to say, “We’re going to change the world.” It is far rarer to truly believe it. Extrude Hone is embracing radical new technologies to bring to manufacturing unprecedented levels of scale, complexity and precision.

Extrude Hone

Precision Metal Stamping and Swiss Screw Machining

Tooling Dynamics specializes in precision metal stamping and Swiss screw machining. This contract manufacturer serves the electronic connector industry and originated as a small stamping operation in 1982 with only one stamping press and fifteen thousand square feet of space.

Tooling Dynamics

Great Ideas and Marketing Require Great Packaging Solutions

At Inline Filling Systems (IFS) every project is exciting and new. Because companies with great product ideas and impressive marketing plans turn to IFS for the other element they need – namely, understanding how to turn mechanical processes into unmatched packaging solutions.

Inline Filling Systems

A Step Above

If you are in the material handling industry, your business lives and dies by the performance of its machines. Nowadays, companies are asking for leaner, better machines that can be modified to adapt to changing environments, and MGL Engineering of Lakeland, Florida can do just that.

MGL Engineering

Strong Solutions & Stronger Relationships

Universal Servo Group is an automation and robotics repair business that was established early 2007 in the state of Georgia, with company president Larry Voss teaming up with his long-time business partner and friend Stewart Bloodworth Jr. to launch the company initially out of Voss’ own garage.

Universal Servo Group

How to Manufacture the Manufacturing Process – and Get it Right

Design Systems, Inc. (DSI) brings enormous experience to its mission of providing manufacturing, engineering, and consulting services for industrial operations. The focus is strictly on conceiving, implementing, and optimizing the design and engineering processes of manufacturing.

Design Systems, Inc.

Smart Solutions for Sealing, Protection, and Thermal Management

The story of Boyd Corporation is one that begins nearly a century ago. “Boyd Corporation is nearly one hundred years old, with a robust history of solving difficult performance challenges for innovative global customers,” shares Boyd Corporation Marketing Manager Alyson Rodgers. It is a company that engineers, designs, and manufactures environmental sealing, protection, and thermal management products to create customized products to be lighter, faster, smaller, more cost efficient, and better performing.

Boyd Corporation

An Injection-Molding Company that Breaks Every Mold it Can

A company largely composed of engineers is a company driven by curiosity. Forum Plastics began as a mold builder in Stamford, Connecticut in the early 90s. Designing and creating molds in house with a full-service machine shop, Forum eventually expanded its offering and capabilities by taking on injection molding – and much, much, more.

Forum Plastics

Cutting the Red Tape to Innovate

For medium to large manufacturers looking for a nimble development partner that can push the boundaries of adhesive technology with customized new ideas, Adhesives Research, Inc. is the natural go-to. This vertically integrated industry leader specializes in creating many types of polymer resins and release liners. It is also home to extensive synthesis and formulation expertise where much more than just great ideas are born.

Adhesives Research, Inc.

Working Smarter

A key goal of any successful manufacturing operation is a continual drive toward improving the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Traditionally, this has been accomplished through the adoption of lean production principles, waste reduction using the Six Sigma approach, and similar productivity solutions. These systems have been widely incorporated throughout the manufacturing industry and have significantly improved product quality, production speeds, and perhaps most importantly, the safety of those working in manufacturing plants.

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