Cutting Carbon

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Industrial Revolution was fuelled mainly by coal. Abundant coal made machines cheap to operate while devastating air and water with pollution, engulfing entire cities like London, England in smoke and soot.

The Impact of Climate Change on Manufacturing

A Heavy Focus on Safety and Sustainability

Exal Corporation manufactures premium aluminum packaging for a variety of companies that offer packaged consumer goods. It produces innovative impact-extruded aluminum beverage bottles and aerosol containers for the personal care, home care, and pharmaceutical industries. The company can also assist its customers with design and branding to optimize sales. Headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio since 1993, the company has expanded to five facilities located in North and South America.

Exal Corporation

Parachutes Made with Military Precision

When a company reaches its centenary year, it has earned the right to celebrate. This milestone is not achieved through luck; a sizeable portion of the success is down to more tangible factors such as strategy, product, and dedication. And these are three primary aspects of how Airborne Systems does business.

Airborne Systems

From Waste to Value

As a collective whole, we consumers have a tendency to overuse, rapidly devalue, and immediately discard items to waste as soon as said product no longer satisfies our needs. Inevitably, the correlation between extreme production rates and large amounts of waste is extremely detrimental to our environment.

Waste Management Practices and Innovations

High-Flying Metal Fabrication Firm Based in Farm Country

Leamington, Ontario is an agricultural epicentre, world famous for its tomatoes. This small city in the southern part of the province is also home to Uni-Fab, a rapidly-growing, family-owned custom metal fabricator that has done work for Airbus, Boeing, and Blue Origin, the space-launch firm founded by Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos.


How a Five-Gallon Bucket Is Changing the World

Adding a small, five-gallon bucket to your workplace can change the world in more ways than you can imagine. Just ask Metallic Resources – headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio, with operations in Mexico and China. For forty years, it has been recycling solder dross consisting of tin, lead and other materials through an electrolytic refining process to generate solder products more pure than supposed “virgin grade.”

Hot Stamping Specialists for the Automotive Industry

When Telos Global began in 2016, no one could have foreseen its rapid rise to success. Growth has been steady, with no signs of abatement. Using leading-edge technology, the company looks to the future for more business opportunities in the automotive industry. We spoke with the company’s Engineering Manager Garrett Melton about the consulting side of the business and growth prospects.

Telos Global

Driven to Serve the Automotive Sector

Inspired by the dream of one day running his own business, Nick Mamatas, who immigrated from Greece at age 18, founded Toolplas Systems in 1999 after acquiring a small toolmaker in the Windsor, Ontario area. He soon shifted gears to specialize in the automotive sector, his area of expertise. Driven by the mission to deliver problem-free tooling to customers through engineering and technical expertise, while also providing a robust work environment and culture for team members, Toolplas continued to grow.

Toolplas Systems

The Fabric of Safety

Word is out that the demand for and evolution of personal protection equipment (PPE) is about to surge. In this feature, we take a brief look at especially why the protective fabrics market is growing, how this growth is spurring exciting new innovation, and how manufacturers go about fabricating and marketing their products.

Better PPE for Safer and More Comfortable Work Environments

More than 200 Years of Partnership and Service

What do rodeo cowboys and Spaghetti Westerns have in common with the U.S. Military and baby clothes? Scovill Fasteners of course. Famous for its Gripper® and DOT® snaps, the original supplier of Duramark® buttons to some of the oldest jeans makers in the world has become the fastening supplier of choice across the globe.

Scovill Fasteners