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From fasteners to bearings, electrical products to aircraft, and everything in between, Florida-based Legacy Components remains one of America’s top-tier supply-chain management service providers.

Legacy Components

In the Race for Success, Speed Wins

‘Speed Wins’ is the slogan of Clinkenbeard, a fast-rising firm that specializes in the rapid production and prototyping of complex machined parts and metal castings. Headquartered in South Beloit, Illinois, this company is known for more than just fast turnaround times. It has also been recognized for the quality of its work and its expertise in making mock-ups, among other items.


The Future of Sewing is Now

While Siri is one of the world’s best known artificial intelligence (AI) personalities, she is not into sewing. And while she probably never will be, things are changing fast for her contemporaries in the sewing industry as DAP America makes waves in the world of AI sewing technology. The company’s President, Mariano Amezcua and its Chief Financial Officer, Nina McCormack told us more about this innovative company’s latest contributions to the world of sewing technology.

DAP America

Eliminating Risk by Diversifying: Champ Industries Reinvents Itself

In life, ‘familiar can be both soothing and tempting. In business, however, ‘familiar’ can be limiting and even dangerous. A metal fabricator and assembler, Champ Industries prizes decades-long relationships with major customers in Canada and America. Now, it’s time to add a bold new strategy.

Champ Industries

Freeing Manufacturers to Focus on the Big Picture

“If you want it done right, do it yourself.” But when you’ve got no time, no personnel, or the scale is simply too big? That’s where AMPCO Manufacturers Inc.’s experience takes up the slack. AMPCO is an acronym for The Advanced Manufacturing & Printing Company and it has been achieving a Standard of Excellence for over 50 years. AMPCO makes quality components such as labels, decals, nameplates, overlays and membrane switches for companies worldwide, letting them focus on what’s important.

AMPCO Manufacturers Inc.

Redefining The Ever-Changing World of Electronics

Custom Manufacturing & Engineering (CME™) may be comparatively small, but its state-of-the-art solutions for electronic components and sub-assemblies pack a mighty punch. Its work is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Government, and global brands for quality and reliability.

Custom Manufacturing & Engineering

The Workhorse Duty Magnetic Solutions Provider

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (IMI) of Boyne City, Michigan, designs, engineers and custom manufactures magnetic separation devices and magnetic assemblies. The company also provides standardized products and a slew of ancillary services for clients, including testing and preventative maintenance.

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Growth and Focus for the Future

Transwall manufactures, supplies, and installs movable floor-to-ceiling and architectural wall systems and partners with clients in sectors ranging from finance to government to technology to media.


Powered Up – Rock-Solid Repair for Turbines, Generators and Motors

When a service company has someone in the office taking calls on Christmas Eve, that’s a plus. And when the company can get a team to work over the Christmas holiday to make an important repair – that’s going above and beyond. Paul Crawford, CEO of NorthPoint Technical Services, tells the story.

NorthPoint Technical Services

Security as Culture

If you take a close look at all the many gadgets and electronic devices that fit into your daily life you’ll likely find that an exceedingly large number of them are made in China. This probably won’t surprise you, as offshore manufacturing has been a staple of the North American electronics market for almost fifty years. Beyond electronic gizmos, you’ll also find that toys, clothes, even some food products are being manufactured in low-cost foreign regions. This has been a prevailing reality for a very long time, but things are about to change.

Protecting IP in the Manufacturing Industry

Women in the Manufacturing Workforce

Over the last few decades, the American manufacturing industry has seen tremendous growth. As the economy improves and the drive to re-shore overseas facilities continues to bring manufacturing jobs back to U.S. soil, the one chief limiting factor on growth is a dwindling talent pool.

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