The Future of Food & Beverage

The food and beverage manufacturing industry has been hit hard by COVID-19. From coronavirus infections in food plants to restaurant shutdowns, strained supply chains and new consumer shopping and dining habits, the industry is the middle of a huge reckoning.

Modern Manufacturing for Challenging Times

Custom Products for Custom Problems

‘The right tool for the right job,’ as the saying goes, and when dealing with manufacturing and production on an industrial scale, it is imperative to find not just the right tool, but the perfect tool.

Firing Industries

Exploring Expansion Opportunities

Based in York, Pennsylvania, contract manufacturer Tooling Dynamics specializes in precision metal stamping and Swiss screw machining for electronic connectors with customers primarily in the automotive, aerospace, medical, solar, and electronics industries all over the world. The company was founded in 1982 and has since grown from a 15,000-square-foot facility with one stamping press to 80,000 square feet of space featuring more than eighty-five presses.

Tooling Dynamics

Proudly American

Proudly American Proto-1 ManufacturingBy Pauline Müller View in E-MagazineView in Brochure Proto-1 Manufacturing is a global leader developing and manufacturing industrial tube and pipe machinery and creating one-of-a-kind engineering solutions, specializing in custom tube end forming solutions. It is based in Winneconne, Wisconsin but has an impressive international following. The company complements its tube forming equipment with top-quality parts and automation controls, staying power, and a fantastic attitude to problem-solving. “Our work is not done until you succeed,” says Marc Jankowski, Director of Marketing. This is why manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, agriculture, water, food industries, and even military units, […]

Proto-1 Manufacturing

Breaking the Mold at MGS

Imagine you are working at a company that provides high-quality, plastic, injection molding solutions and you have been there for twenty-five years. Your company, which supplies important parts to the healthcare industry, makes you President in your twenty-first year.

MGS Manufacturing Group

Top-Quality People Turning Out Top-Quality CNC Machining

From its headquarters in London, Ontario, Attica Manufacturing provides quality CNC machined components, assemblies, and machinery to healthcare, packaging, automotive, defence, commuter rail, and food and beverage sectors – just for starters.

Attica Manufacturing

50 Years is Just the Beginning

Omega Optical Inc. is a Vermont-based optical filter manufacturer that has been active for over 50 years, and is leveraging its unparalleled body of knowledge and experience to push the industry even harder.

Omega Optical

A Legacy in the Making

Macrodyne Technologies is the largest hydraulic press manufacturer in North America. For 30 years, it has tested the limits of what’s possible in designing of state-of-the-art hydraulic presses that can exceed 20,000 Tons – it’s what separates the company from the pack and has allowed it to thrive.

Macrodyne Technologies

Persuasive Packaging

The shopping experience has undergone some monumental changes in just a few short years as in-store shopping appears to have taken a backseat to online purchases. This requires only a few clicks and confirmations from a computer or smartphone to have the chosen items delivered to a consumer’s doorstep for a seamless and personalized shopping experience. It does not get more convenient than that.

Making a Statement through the Integration of Art and Science

Changing Course

N95 masks. Hand sanitizer. PPE. Respirators. Plexiglass barriers. Social distance signage. Rapid Testing Kits. Contact tracing apps. Vaccine against a previously unknown Coronavirus. In January 2020, who would have thought there was a need for manufacturers to ramp up production of any of these items? Or to deal with the grim reality that more body bags were required? But by March, the need for all these items and more was real, and manufacturers struggled to meet demands amid the growing public health crisis of a global pandemic.

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