Meat, Medicine & More

On September 26, 2019, Russian astronauts onboard the International Space Station (ISS) carried out a historic culinary experiment. They successfully created artificial beef in outer space, utilizing a so-called three-dimensional (3D) bioprinter.

The Future of Bioprinting

When Stopping on a Dime Means Everything

Ted Messmer knows, more than most, the importance of having safe and reliable equipment when operating in severe conditions. He flew attack helicopter missions for the U.S. Army for seven years – two in Korea.

Carlisle Brake & Friction

Value-Added Solutions for Customized Thermal Management

Knight Electronics has been providing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with innovative, quality products since 1979. The company now offers a variety of services, but when it was established just over forty years ago, it focused on manufacturing private-label goods for a third-party brand.

Knight Electronics/Orion Fans

Foam Is Where the Heart Is

Building a company foundation on foam is something G&T Industries has done successfully for 66 years, starting in 1954 with office seating foam and gradually expanding to polyurethane foam fabrication in the packaging, furniture, medical, transportation, military, electronics, HVAC, athletic and marine markets. The company prides itself on a number of achievements, including its three locations, its dedication to resolving complex customer issues, and its laudable ESOP status as a 100 percent employee-owned company.

G&T Industries

Just-In-Time Precision

Celebrating over forty years in business, Argent International has expanded from a single press to 26, employing over 125 highly skilled full-time workers in Michigan. This 3M Preferred Converter is a proudly veteran-owned small business, supporting the automotive and many other industries through its custom engineered adhesive die-cut solutions. Having mastered this precise manufacturing process, Argent is now expanding into new markets, applying both its rapid prototyping and full production services to new sectors.

Argent International

Leading Ontario’s Print Revolution

Remaining relevant in any industry hinges on fearless – and continuous – evolution. Reprodux Ltd.’s commitment to harnessing change in the printing market has transformed this innovative company from a maker of blueprints into a colour and graphics giant.


Something for Everyone

With the theme Enabling a Clean, Efficient & Electrified Future, this year’s Ceramics Expo is on track to be bigger than ever. Held May 5 to 6 in Cleveland, Ohio – the birthplace of the popular show – 2020 marks the sixth year of the Expo.

Ceramics Expo

Making Innovative Material Handling Attachments for 45 Years

Rotobec grapples, rotators, and loaders are designed to withstand the toughest applications in all conditions. “The durability and dependability of our products really provide the peace of mind our customers deserve,” said Jesse Roy, Director of Customer Experience. This industry leader designs and manufactures material handling attachments in-house to ensure that it controls all aspects of performance and quality.


Better, Faster and now Higher: Entering Aerospace

In precision engineering, one failure is enough to cause long and expensive product delays or recalls. However, on the shores of Lake Michigan, Manitowoc Tool & Machining has built a reputation for precise, high-volume output thanks to its ongoing embrace of new technologies. Today, the company is moving above and beyond into aerospace as it expands its machining capabilities.

Manitowoc Tool & Machining

Making the Best Reels in the World for 100 Years – The Unwinding Story

In a world where businesses come and go, Coxreels came and stayed. In business since 1923, the Tempe, Arizona-based manufacturer of high-quality hose, cord, and cable reels is in its third generation of family ownership, and shows no sign of taking it easy.


An Ounce of Prevention

While no one plans to get physically injured or exposed to dangerous working situations at their place of employment, getting hurt on the job is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries were reported in 2019, as well as 888,220 nonfatal injuries and illnesses causing a private industry worker to miss at least one day of work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Preventing these types of injuries along with time missed — in fact, making a workplace as safe as possible — is imperative for all organizations. Unfortunately, the best of intentions don’t always lead to the best results.

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