Compact Technology Broadens NASA Space Capabilities

While most everyone has witnessed the spectacle of a rocket launch – at least on video, if not in person – have you considered the bone-jarring forces propelling that space vehicle?


Bringing High Quality and Stewardship to Food Production

As our planet enters 2020, we need better, more ethical methods of food production to accommodate a growing population, and in America’s heartland, PacMoore Products, Inc. has engaged in this type of quality contract food production since 1989. Chief Executive Officer Bill Moore and his leadership team see the company as stewards, bringing a focus on employee caretaking and a wealth of advanced food processing techniques such as spray drying, extrusion, and both dry and liquid blending.


Flexible Solutions for Complex Compounds

Polyurethane and polymers – you can’t see them, but you should be happy that they are in everything from the cars we drive to the furniture we sit on – and even in the refrigerators that keep our food fresh. All have polyurethane in their actual material or use it to insulate and protect our food and houses.

Cannon USA

How Growth and Development Gets Done

Sometimes small communities have the biggest ideas. In LaPorte County, Indiana – in the northwest of the state on the southern shores of Lake Michigan – stakeholders are developing a new model for growth and development where collaboration and innovation is at the fore.

LaPorte County, IN

Growing and Evolving in a Changing Automotive Market

GDC Corporation has built success converting versatile materials like foam and felt into products mainly for vehicle use: airflow management, acoustic insulation, gaskets, seals, and cushions. Now, the company is developing a host of innovative solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s vehicles.

GDC Corporation

Factory of the Future Roadmaps from a Company That’s Done It All

Few manufacturers are adequately resourced to stay on top of the rapidly changing factory technology landscape. Between dozens of trade shows, Silicon Valley start-ups, and a dizzying array of new buzzwords, most traditional manufacturers are making minimal progress in modernizing their operations. The “Factory of the Future” remains a far-off dream.


The Foam Safety Experts

Automotive safety materials manufacturer Coastal Automotive is branching out to expand its applications in the automotive industry to include non-automotive opportunities. We had the opportunity to speak with Director of New Product Development Hazen Sills and Product Marketing Manager Ryan Simmons.

Coastal Automotive

Feeding Raw – Feeding Right

Here in Canada, our affinity for dogs and cats is evidenced by the approximately eight million each of dogs and cats that we consider household pets, according to the Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI).

Big Country Raw

A Tailored Fit for Every Client

Founding a company with the express interest of helping others battle ailments you’ve experienced and overcome is a noble gesture that fits Unique Sleep’s beginnings and future goals perfectly. After living with serious back pain for years, owner Chris Whatley embarked on weekly trips to a chiropractor, followed by the realization that his bed was causing many of his ongoing issues. Chris and his wife Irene’s subsequent investigation into the world of mattresses led to a successful business that not only helped him, but many clients as well.

Unique Sleep Solutions Inc.

How SINTX Technologies Became the #1 Silicon Nitride Developer in the World

SINTX Technologies Inc. began through a collaboration between materials scientist Ashok Khandkarand orthopedic surgeon Aaron Hoffman. The initial goal was to develop a ceramic bearing joint for artificial hips made from silicon nitride. At the time, metal bearings produced more wear than ceramics. Khandkar and Hoffman had experimental data showing that silicon nitride would be tougher and produce less wear, so they sought to introduce the new bearing for a hip joint, barring an FDA-required clinical trial.

SINTX Technologies Inc.

The Plastic Problem

Millions of tons of plastic are carelessly discarded annually, destined for landfills or leaked into the environment. Eight million tons of this plastic finds its way into the oceans each year. At this rate there will be more plastic in the ocean (by weight) than fish by 2050, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation reports.

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