The Next Global Leader in Solid Carbide Round Tools

Solving tooling challenges correctly takes years of experience – something Fullerton Tool Company has plenty of. This is a company that prides itself on its people and their dedication to understanding, meeting and exceeding clients’ needs.

Fullerton Tool Company

‘Business as Usual’

Fives North American Combustion, Inc., of Cleveland, Ohio, provides services and solutions for the thermal process industry. The company matches its products with comprehensive customer support.

Fives North American Combustion

Expanding its Manufacturing Footprint and Growing its Customer Base

If someone made a movie about the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry, the leading roles likely would be cast with players from extreme ends of industry’s spectrum. There would be the behemoths churning out high-volume consumer electronics and the scrappy “mom-and-pop” shops surviving on small build-to-print projects. While these extremes exist, the industry’s real story is the far more nuanced and multifaceted middle: small and midsize companies that have carved out strategic, defendable niches.


Made in America

American Photonics (APC) manufactures precision laser optics for the CO2 laser industry. The company has earned its place in a competitive market by providing replacement laser parts for customers who want high quality products without paying the high prices charged by the OEMs.

American Photonics

The Clear Choice for 35 Years

With over one million tamper evident shrink bands, shrink wrap sleeves, multi-packs, shrink bags, printed shrink labels and PS labels produced every day, and a selection of trademarked SuperSealer shrink wrap machines offering diverse capabilities, Traco Packaging is leading the way.

Traco Packaging

A Breath of Fresh Air

Alongside industrial health and wellness awareness, Nederman supports manufacturing facilities and the automotive trade in providing trades personnel with the cleanest, safest air.


Quality Parts for a Global Economy

Polygon International Technology was founded to take advantage of unique connections, and word spread rapidly throughout Canada. Today, Polygon is a vital link in the international supply chain, connecting clients in North America with affordable and quality raw material and parts from across China and Asia.

Polygon International Technology

Precision, Safety and Integrity are All Part of the Job

When the nuclear reactor at Chalk River, Ontario, was forced to shut down because of a leak of radioactive water, there was widespread concern in the medical community. The reactor produced about a third of the world’s supply of medical isotopes required for cancer and heart disease tests around the globe. The predicted shortage would leave patients waiting for these life-saving tests.


Tapping Under-Explored Talent

Due to the market trends of recent decades, American manufacturing faces a workforce crisis driven by a loss of knowledge as baby boomers transition into retirement. Women are stepping up to help save the day as manufacturing meets gender equality.

Women in Manufacturing

Improving Patient Outcomes through Ingenuity, Partnerships, and Technology

The healthcare industry is constantly adapting to the introduction of the newest technologies and innovations that will determine the medical care available to both healthcare providers and, most importantly, patients.

MedSource Labs

Persuasive Packaging

The shopping experience has undergone some monumental changes in just a few short years as in-store shopping appears to have taken a backseat to online purchases. This requires only a few clicks and confirmations from a computer or smartphone to have the chosen items delivered to a consumer’s doorstep for a seamless and personalized shopping experience. It does not get more convenient than that.

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