The Modern Machine

While today’s machining tools – such as CNC (computer numerical control) lathes – are marvels of technology, these programmable machines wouldn’t exist if early man hadn’t played around with some sticks and stones, several millions of years ago, and come up with Tool #1.

The Role of Machining and Tooling

Bubbling with Ideas and Innovation

Success in business today means knowing your markets, and being adaptable, flexible, and ingenious – all the attributes that have fueled the growth of Federal Foam Technologies, Inc.

Federal Foam Technologies

Connecting The Global Ceramic & Glass Industry

Since the earliest times, ceramics have brought people together. But rather than for dining, engineered ceramics and glass bring people together through the components, devices and systems that contain this unique family of materials. Ceramic and glass materials are used in many building products, including bricks, cement, and windows, and in many common and uncommon engineered products and systems, including mobile phones, sensors, cars, airplanes, and more.

The American Ceramic Society

Leak and Flow Testing to the Highest Standards

Founded in 1975, ATEQ Corporation has a tester for every application. The company is proud of its four and a half decades of visionary innovation and technical expertise, ensuring that its products set the gold standard in leak testing and detection.

ATEQ Corporation

Showing What Dedication, Teamwork and Invention Can Do

An Oklahoma sun reflects off the rooftops of giant facilities. Inside, sparks fly as massive machinery is designed and fabricated to be shipped across the country. Big Elk is a much-awarded explosively-growing company that is making the pipeline industry sit up very sharply.

Big Elk Energy Systems

Fast, Affordable, Quality Modular Construction

ProPart Modular is a construction company headquartered in Burlington, Ontario specializing in the design and construction of modular building components such as office partitions, controlled environments, and prefabricated structures.

ProPart Modular

Building Trust and Delivering Value

Canadian construction engineering firm Norda Stelo specializes in integrated projects. Headquartered in Quebec City, the company has twenty locations on three continents and is deeply committed to building longstanding client relationships based on integrity and trust.

Norda Stelo

A Feast For The Senses

Balchem develops and produces premium, specialty ingredients used by food and beverage manufacturers in centrally located manufacturing facilities. “At Balchem, we are committed to making the world a healthier place by delivering trusted, innovative, and science-based solutions to the nutrition, food, sterilization, and energy markets,” says the company.

Balchem Human Nutrition and Health

Packaging America

Finding quality packaging machinery with sufficient support services is often easier said than done, but Aesus Packing Systems is a home-grown North American fabrication firm that stands by its machines, no matter what.

Aesus Packaging Systems

SynMed® – Unique Technology for Advanced Blister Pack Production

Synergy Medical manufactures pharmacy automation systems that dispense solid oral medications into blister packs to organize patient medication into a calendar for safe and accurate dosing. When pharmacists and their technicians are filling hundreds of these packs by hand, it is labour-intensive, and there is plenty of room for error, especially as they must keep up with tight deadlines. Although blister packs have existed for decades, there was no fully automated solution for filling these packages until Synergy Medical.

Synergy Medical

The Plastic Problem

Millions of tons of plastic are carelessly discarded annually, destined for landfills or leaked into the environment. Eight million tons of this plastic finds its way into the oceans each year. At this rate there will be more plastic in the ocean (by weight) than fish by 2050, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation reports.

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