A Century of Reliability

A hundred years ago, the landscape of the industrial environment – specifically, the oil and electricity sectors – was a far cry from what it is today, and in many ways, it was different to the point of being unrecognizable. Amongst those rough and polluted times, Quincy Compressor shaped the ideals of what would become its business philosophy for decades to come.

Quincy Compressor

Ingenuity, Education, and Inspiration

PACK EXPO returns to the Las Vegas Convention Center from September 23rd to 25th, once again co-located with the Healthcare Packaging EXPO – and it’s going to be the biggest year yet! As the largest event of its kind in North America this year, it boasts 2000 exhibitors inside the 900,000 square foot Las Vegas Convention Center. From demonstrations to education, from networking opportunities to entertainment, many are looking forward to this event.

Pack Expo 2019

Getting (Bottle) Closure in the Wine Industry

Wine has been celebrated for thousands of years; it is a staple in restaurants and homes and at weddings, certain religious ceremonies and special events. Often ignored in any discussion about wine, however, is the importance of closures – the industry term for the stopper that seals a bottle.


Future-proof Packaging

From packaging food in edible containers to eliminating plastic shipping products, businesses are increasingly on board with the future of packaging.

Bringing Sustainability to the Industry

Automating Efficiency and Wellbeing

A safe workplace is one where employees can work without risk to their physical or psychological health and wellbeing. A positive safety culture in the manufacturing sector is one where training, personal protective equipment (PPE), machine guarding, and other best practices are regulated and enforced to ensure safety is foremost.

Past Issues

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