A Bumper Crop of New Technology

Old MacDonald had a farm. And on this farm he had a globally positioned autonomous tractor.

JCA Electronics

The Full Package

Celebrating fifty years in the industry, Acorn Packaging has long since transformed itself from a small job shop into an organization that serves multiple industries as a total solutions provider..

Acorn Packaging

Waves Are Being Made in the PCB Industry; Summit Interconnect Plans to Ride Them

When three companies came together to form top-flight custom circuit board company Summit Interconnect, the industry had been offshoring capabilities for years. Now, new market growth and an increased military interest – and defense budget – show it was worth the wait.

Summit Interconnect

Award-Winning Work

Award-Winning Work Custom Processing ServicesBy Robert Hoshowsky View in E-MagazineView in Brochure Highly skilled specialists using state-of-the-art machinery, the team at Custom Processing Services offers a unique range of quality services, providing many contract manufacturing/toll processing services to a wide variety of industry sectors. Headquartered in the City of Reading, Pennsylvania, Custom Processing Services has the expertise to handle requests including micronizing and nano-sizing, pulverizing, compounding, extruding, blending, crushing, screening, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) processing, and a great deal more. A leading manufacturer and supplier, Custom Processing’s award-winning work, dedication, and steadfast commitment to customer services puts the company far […]

Custom Processing Services

From New Facility Construction to Plant Engineering

With over 10,000 completed projects across its core markets, TAI Engineering’s work in the chemical, power, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer-goods, commercial, and government sectors shows how flexibility – paired with a strong skill set – positions TAI as a leader in the industry.

TAI Engineering

Creating Smart Solutions

To many, a streetlight pole is just a pole. To Sternberg Lighting, these functional and decorative poles represent the future of a company that continues to grow, almost a century after its founding.

Sternberg Lighting

After Incandescent

The holiday season is all tradition – from preparing turkey to Bing Crosby’s White Christmas to holiday lighting. But as a turkey feast may become a vegetarian spread, and Bing Crosby gives way to Michael Bublé, holiday lighting has changed with the way our very world is changing.

The Evolution of Holiday Lighting

Forging the Future Through Technology

Necessity is said to be the mother of invention. While this certainly is the case, it may also give rise to innovation. Trenton Forging Company uses innovation and modern technology to rescue clients from difficult situations after product failures and similar challenges. By implementing – and also slightly bending – basic design principles, the company has prevented a number of impending disasters.

Trenton Forging Company

Keeping Business and Tradition All In the Family

Referring to her family’s history as “a typical immigrant story,” Redwood Classics CEO Kathy Cheng remembers spending a large part of her childhood in her parents’ textile business, playing, napping and doing homework amongst the huge rolls of fabrics in the factory. And to hear her recount it, she wouldn’t have it any other way: it’s made her the person and business owner she is today.

Redwood Classics

A First Choice

What started out as a machine shop in 1997 now has a reputation as the “go-to problem solver” for a variety of manufacturers in upstate South Carolina. Whether it is a production glitch, a packaging problem, a machining issue or if there is a need for staffing, inspections or delivery, Secondary Solutions is often the first call they make.

Secondary Solutions

The True Future of Automotive

Last November, the Ford Motor Company made an announcement that shocked die-hard Mustang fans; the Mustang is not only being turned into an SUV, but it’s going to be electric.

Past Issues

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