Mechanizing Potato Farming

Spudnik Equipment Company, LLC, the leading potato equipment manufacturer in North America, is about to get even bigger. Headquartered in Blackfoot, Idaho, the self-proclaimed potato capital of the world, this company is in the middle of a massive expansion that will add another 160,000 square feet of space to its operations. This construction project, coming on the heels of a previous expansion in 2018, involves additions to its fabrication, paint, and assembly facilities.

Spudnik Equipment Company

Keeping it Secure

Claborn Manufacturing is joining sister company Cornerstone Detention Products Inc., the world leader in security products. A key part of the Claborn Family of Companies, new, Alabama-based Claborn Manufacturing provides detention products and furniture across America.

Claborn Manufacturing Company

Molding Firm Aims to Preserve a Rural Community

Osborne Industries, Inc. is on a mission. That mission involves more than just doing excellent custom molding work, although that is certainly central to the company’s operations. Osborne’s broader mission is to provide good manufacturing jobs in a rural area with limited work prospects. Based in Osborne, Kansas, the company, named for its hometown, is now completely employee owned and proud of its products, services, and heritage.

Osborne Industries

Keeping Metal-Stamping Jobs at Home

Manufacturing was once America’s backbone. Rows of machines and workers – an American achievement that ruled the world. That was then. Now Talan Products is one of the rare manufacturing companies that still provides quality jobs to Americans, yet makes products at competitive prices.

Talan Products

The Power of Precision

Swiss Precision Machining (SPM) specializes in precision manufacturing of metal and plastic components for a variety of high-precision applications, primarily in the medical, surgical, and dental industries.

Swiss Precision Machining

Precision Manufacturer Expanding with Medical Products

Internationally recognized contract manufacturer Auer Precision Company of Mesa, Arizona specializes in high-precision tooling design and fabrication, stamped products, and close-tolerance machining.

Auer Precision Company

Taking Risks to Foster New Growth

Risk: a popular board game and a double-edged sword, particularly in business. While it is tempting to remain in one’s ‘comfort zone,’ especially with shareholders and many other variables to consider, the act of taking risks is essential to bring forth new ideas and growth. In Ramsey, Minnesota, just north of Minneapolis, Anderson Dahlen is embracing risk while engaging in custom manufacturing that helps its clients overcome barriers with precise solutions.

Anderson Dahlen

Taking Pride in Its People and Precision

Keep buying new machines! This was the seed that would eventually sprout into great success for well-known Precise Tool & Manufacturing. The lesson was instilled in the company’s President, John S. Gizzi, from a tender age and it has put this company on the forefront of the USA’s CNC machining industry. John kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to tell me more about the company.

Precise Tool & Manufacturing Inc.

Making Recycled Plastic Work

In a time when sustainability and the environment is a growing concern, Gracious Living works toward maintaining its signature style in the iconic products that improve our lives, while improving the state of our planet.

Gracious Living Corporation

Leading Canada’s Nutraceuticals Charge

How Richmond, BC’s Herbaland began as a vitamin packaging company in 2009 and in ten years evolved into one of Canada’s fastest-growing manufacturers, specializing in innovative nutritional formulas, is an inspirational story of teamwork.


The Plastic Problem

Millions of tons of plastic are carelessly discarded annually, destined for landfills or leaked into the environment. Eight million tons of this plastic finds its way into the oceans each year. At this rate there will be more plastic in the ocean (by weight) than fish by 2050, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation reports.

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