These Early 3D Printing Pioneers Continue to Innovate

Innovation is key at Advantage Engineering, Inc. of Tecumseh, Ontario, as evidenced by the fact the firm was one of the first in Canada to purchase a three-dimensional (3D) printer. Advantage uses 3D printers for rapid prototyping work, and this is a company speciality along with polyurethane and cast prototype parts.

Advantage Engineering

Leading the Future of Power Electronics

Located in Stockton, California, a stone’s throw from Silicon Valley, is where the engineers of West Coast Magnetics strive to push the boundaries of technology. Started as a build to spec company that assembled transformers and inductors, WCM was initially a far cry from what it would become today. Then, twenty-five years ago, the company was taken over by Weyman Lundquist.

West Coast Magnetics

Driven by Technology

Streamline Circuits is a leading edge, technology-focused manufacturer of rigid, rigid flex, and multilayer flex type printed circuit boards for a wide range of industries including communications, military and aerospace, and medical equipment, among others. The company specializes in high-mix low-volume orders of advanced printed circuit board solutions.

Streamline Circuits

RiverSide Brings Exceptional Service with Thirty Five Years of Experience to the Electronics Manufacturing Services Sector

Electronics contract manufacturer RiverSide Electronics, Ltd was founded in 1984 and primarily offers electronic manufacturing services including manufacturing, assembly, testing, packing, and shipping for circuit board, electro mechanical and box build assemblies. The company is headquartered in Lewiston, MN, with a second facility in Rushford, MN and employs around three hundred people. Its top-of-the-line work, made with the latest equipment and quality techniques, has been requested and shipped across the globe.

RiverSide Electronics

Award-Winning Temperature Control Experts on a Hot Streak

Therm-x of Hayward, California develops, engineers, and manufactures advanced temperature and process control systems, primarily for clients in technological industries. The award-winning, rapidly-expanding company collaborates with customers to produce its products, and the firm’s wares are particularly popular with computer chip makers and semiconductor equipment companies – since temperature control is a vital part of the semiconductor production process.


100 Years of Next-Level Innovation

It is not often that one lands on a website so stylish and so innovative that you immediately want to hop on over for a shopping spree – especially not in the realm of the hardcore metal industry. Yet, it is exactly what crossed my mind the first time I saw Electric Materials Company, Inc.’s landing page. Modern and artistically rendered, this beautiful virtual shop window hints at the team’s phenomenal attention to detail and the vast and unique offering that awaits – all under one roof.

Electric Materials Company

Bringing New Innovations to Injection Mold Manufacturing

Bringing New Innovations to Injection Mold Manufacturing StackTeck SystemsBy Samita Sarkar View in E-MagazineView in Brochure StackTeck Systems Inc. is a global leader in stack injection mold manufacturing. The Brampton, Ontario-based business makes injection molds for the caps, closures, thin-wall packaging, technical, and medical markets. ~ Best known for its stack molds – StackTeck built the world’s first 4-level mold in 1991 – the company’s signature products are molds which have a series of molding faces “stacked” together to create multiple levels. This increases the injection mold’s output, and thereby increases efficiency for StackTeck’s customers as well. According to StackTeck’s […]

StackTeck Systems

Riley Gears Up for a Bright Future

Riley Gears Up for a Bright Future Riley Gear CorporationBy Nate Hendley View in E-MagazineView in Brochure Riley Gear Corporation has provided gears for spacecraft headed to Mars, for tanks used by Israeli and U.S. forces, and for cars, farm machinery, and other equipment. Based in St. Augustine, Florida, Riley Gear was founded just after the Second World War. Company specialties include precision gears, gearboxes, shafts, and assorted ancillary machined precision components. ~ “We currently manufacture all our gears and gearboxes in-house based on specifications agreed upon with our customers. Our products are not proprietary, as the designs are owned […]

Riley Gear Corporation

Converting Custom Adhesive Products

Budnick Converting converts huge rolls of flexible materials into whatever adhesive and tape products clients might desire for custom use in a variety of industries. The company is headquartered in Columbia, Illinois near St. Louis, Missouri, and has sales, distribution, and converting locations throughout the United States in Atlanta, Kansas City, Dallas, St. Louis, and Tampa. Budnick also co-owns a joint venture company in Mexico called Excelcuts.

Budnick Converting

Nikola Labs Brings Predictive Maintenance into the Future of Industry

Nikola Labs began four years ago in Columbus, Ohio as a spin-off of The Ohio State University’s ElectroScience Lab, a world-renowned establishment for the development of wireless power technology, but eventually evolved into a full-fledged company. Nikola has developed a proprietary way to harvest radio frequencies and convert these into energy.

Nikola Labs

Working Smarter

A key goal of any successful manufacturing operation is a continual drive toward improving the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Traditionally, this has been accomplished through the adoption of lean production principles, waste reduction using the Six Sigma approach, and similar productivity solutions. These systems have been widely incorporated throughout the manufacturing industry and have significantly improved product quality, production speeds, and perhaps most importantly, the safety of those working in manufacturing plants.

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