Family Values Guide the Way

SafTCart manufactures cylinder carts, cages, pallets, truck beds, and trailers for an extensive range of applications. The company operates in the city of Clarksdale in the Mississippi Delta.


Small-town Company Makes a Large Impact

Haviland Drainage is a manufacturer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) drainage products. The company’s markets include agricultural, commercial, residential and transportation. It is one of a family of companies operating under the Haviland name: Haviland Culvert provides metal riveted pipe; Modern Plastics Recovery is a recycling business; Haviland Plastic Products makes containers for the nursery industry; and Haviland Energy generates power using three wind turbines and an anaerobic digester.

Haviland Drainage

Evolving Along with Industry

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Graco Inc. designs and produces premium pumps and spray equipment for fluid handling in the construction, manufacturing, processing and maintenance industries. Each Graco division focuses on different applications and develops specialty products that set the quality standards for lubrication, paint circulation, spray finishing, sealant, adhesives, dispensing and more. The company has built a solid reputation and customer base around the world through more than 90 years of experience.

Graco Inc.

Two Companies Merge to Provide Quality Pigments Worldwide

DCC LANSCO, created from the merger of industry leaders Dominion Colour Corporation (DCC) and Lansco Colors, creates pigments and pigment mixtures for ink, coatings, and plastics manufacturers, making our world a more colourful place.


Great Success is in the Pipeline

Corma prides itself on being the most trusted manufacturer of corrugated pipe machines in the world, with forty-five years of knowledge in the industry. This machinery manufacturer produces specialized dies that allow recycled plastics to be given meaningful, functional second lives in ways never imagined before.


Changing Perceptions

The Plastics Pipe Institute Inc. (PPI) has proudly represented all segments of the plastic pipe industry for almost seventy years. This trade association is based in Irving, a principal city in Dallas County, Texas and promotes the use of plastics as the material of choice in pipe and conduit applications, collaborates with industry organizations to set standards governing manufacturing and installation, and serves as a valuable resource of industry, engineering, and technical knowledge.

The Plastics Pipe Institute

Competitive Wholesale, Delivered By Experts

Wholesaler Techniweld takes well-known original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) welding materials and improves the quality, design, functionality, and price. This unbeatable combination has put its home brands on the welding industry’s must-have lists.

Techniweld USA

Innovation, Creativity and Metals

Steel production is an old industry, dating back to the 1850s, and while it has slowly innovated and evolved throughout the years, it remains a traditional sector that was seldom regarded as being creative… until recently, where innovation is critical to new application and end user demand.

Kloeckner Metals Corporation

Raising the Bar in Precision Machining

High-precision contract manufacturing company Allied Technologies International (ATI) specializes in machined parts for customers in various sectors including aerospace, telecommunications, semiconductor, and medical.

Allied Technologies International

Empowering Employees Drives Success

Astro Machine Works is a manufacturer of custom machinery, automation equipment, machined parts, assemblies, and fabricated components for a diverse range of industries headquartered in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

Astro Machine Works

The Plastic Problem

Millions of tons of plastic are carelessly discarded annually, destined for landfills or leaked into the environment. Eight million tons of this plastic finds its way into the oceans each year. At this rate there will be more plastic in the ocean (by weight) than fish by 2050, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation reports.

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