Inspiration and Innovation

Lapeer Plating and Plastics is a manufacturer of high-visibility decorative components for the automotive industry such as emblems, side panel moldings, grilles, exterior and interior trims, and other ornamentation. Through a commitment to beautiful design and high-quality production, Lapeer puts the signature on its customers’ products.

Lapeer Plating and Plastics

Smart Solutions to Meet Customer Needs

After seventy-two years, Dawson Metal Company in Jamestown, New York is considered to be at the apex of the sheet-metal industry. This global manufacturer is fully invested in being the best and is equipped with the latest fabricating technology, professional expertise and innovation one would expect from such an industrial heavyweight.

Dawson Metal Company

Exceeding Expectations

Kern Steel Fabrications, Inc., of Bakersfield, California, is a structural steel fabricator providing services to a wide range of industries. NuSteel Fabricators, Inc. is a subsidiary company offering similar services out of Childersburg, Alabama, near Birmingham. Together, these companies provide fabricated steel products and services from coast to coast.

Kern Steel Fabrication

Redefining the Building Envelope

Island Exterior Fabricators is proud to bring new expertise to building envelopes. I spoke with Ed Harms, managing partner at both its headquarters and Calverton, New York and Kyle Birchall, its business developer in Boston, Massachusetts.

Island Exterior Fabricators

A Woman-Owned, Family-Focused Fabrication and Engineering Firm

Engineered Mechanical Systems Inc. (EMS) is a fast-growing fabrication and engineering firm based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A woman-owned, family-focused business, EMS thrives on quality craftsmanship, employee loyalty, sensible business practices and religious faith.

Engineered Mechanical Systems

Revolutionizing High-Performance Valve Engineering

With its proud entrepreneurial spirit, this global player thinks regionally and acts globally. Headquartered in Marktheidenfeld, Germany, tier 1 automotive supplier Hilite International is particularly well-respected for the electromechanical valves it fabricates for all major American original automotive equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler, as well as the European leaders such as Porsche, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Audi, and Volvo – to name but a few.

Hilite International

Where the Industry Comes Together in the Interest of Advancement

The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) conducts unbiased, independent research and analysis related to the critical issues confronting the automotive industry. The work is increasingly important, especially as technology and transportation intersect.

The Center For Automotive Research (CAR)

Motivation and Innovation – Creating customer value through employee ownership

Spartan’s customer-centric approach and employee ownership model go hand-in-hand in helping the company work toward its mission of delivering real customer value.

Spartan Controls

Surface Finish Experts

Extrude Hone LLC is on a mission to improve the edges, conditions and surface finishes of machined parts. Based in Irwin, Pennsylvania, Extrude has a global reach and a reputation for high-quality work. The firm is proud of its aftermarket support and is keeping a close eye on opportunities in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector.

Extrude Hone

Viewpoints from the Frontlines of Industry 4.0

Eckhart is a Michigan-based company that designs, builds, and installs Industry 4.0 solutions for the largest manufacturers in the world. From Autocraft autonomous guided vehicles to collaborative robotics and 3D printed tool development, Eckhart helps organizations do more with less.


Safer Work Environments

Heads up! The future is robotic, especially when it comes to Industry 4.0. Not the chatty Star Wars type robot or the antagonistic HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but smart machines doing repetitive, precision or dangerous work – operated remotely by human voice command, touchscreen or joystick. The next generation of skilled workers, in fact, may be technicians who program and manage robotic equipment to undertake difficult or routine tasks, transforming manufacturing and other sectors.

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