Where Local Meets Global

Quabbin Wire and Cable Co is a local business operating in a global industry. The company was founded by President Paul Engel in 1975 using $15,000 of borrowed money. Initially, Paul, who has a background in computer systems engineering, spotted a need in the market for cable products. The company started out in Ware, Massachusetts and, despite enormous growth in an ever-changing industry, still calls the place home.

Quabbin Wire and Cable Co

Generating Results

The solar sector continues to generate results as installation costs drop and research and development into cheaper materials and manufacturing processes flourishes. Pundits predict a big spike in solar installations and capacity in five years. However, tariffs and other issues are currently posing challenges to the sector.

The Rise of Solar Energy

Are You Wired for IIoT?

To keep moving, one needs the capability to do so. Data works in the same way and it is increasingly changing how we interact with our surroundings. Just as we got used to the Internet of Things (IoT) taking care of everything from automotive controls to health applications, IIoT arrives.


In the Business of Solving Problems

Edgewater Automation provides the highest quality turnkey solutions for the energy, transportation, life science, consumer products, and electronics markets. The company is in the business of solving problems and creating workable solutions to make manufacturing environments operate as efficiently as possible.

Edgewater Automation

Serving Customers Worldwide

With a lengthy history of innovation, Reinhausen Manufacturing Inc. continues to break new ground in the field of transformer technology. Providing products and solutions for distribution network systems and equipment, Reinhausen Manufacturing remains an industry-wide leader many years after the company was founded.

Reinhausen Manufacturing

Electrifying the Mining Community

Manufacture Adria is no stranger to the mining community. The company, which started out as an offshoot from another electrical contractor, has been a part of the industry for over a quarter of a century. The expertise that has been harnessed over this time, coupled with the growth and determination that comes with its newly independent status, has resulted in revolutionary new developments, not just for the company itself, but for the mining industry as a whole.

Manufacture Adria

Marine Experts

For over forty years, Kropf Industrial Inc. has been one of Canada’s foremost suppliers of quality floating dock systems, boat handling equipment, boat stands, hydraulic boat trailers, and custom-built equipment solutions for clients in both commercial and residential sectors. The company seamlessly performs every aspect of every project from design and engineering to fabrication, sandblasting and painting.

Kropf Industrial

Engineering Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence Since 1958

Lytron’s thermal management components and systems have been incorporated into space applications, medical and industrial equipment as well as military and commercial aircraft. Founded sixty years ago and based in Woburn, Massachusetts, the firm owes its longevity to a combination of engineering prowess, a culture of innovation, business savvy, and excellent customer relations.


Two Canadian Companies Merge to Form an Additive Manufacturing Powerhouse

Javelin Technologies is a leading provider of design engineering, product data management, automation, and additive manufacturing solutions. Cimetrix excels in additive manufacturing and laser scanning solutions with unique expertise in advanced manufacturing. In May 2018, the two came together to form the leading design engineering and additive manufacturing solutions provider in Canada.

Javelin and Cimetrix Solutions

Solving Customer Problems, on Time and to the Highest Quality

With a dedicated and highly knowledgeable staff of 70, the Ohio Fabricators Company (OFCO) continues to serve a base of long-time and new customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and as far afield as Europe and Asia. As one of America’s leading experts in the field of custom filtration, Ohio Fabricators provides high quality products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and private-label customers, as well as stocking products based on customer needs.

Ohio Fabricators Company

Security as Culture

If you take a close look at all the many gadgets and electronic devices that fit into your daily life you’ll likely find that an exceedingly large number of them are made in China. This probably won’t surprise you, as offshore manufacturing has been a staple of the North American electronics market for almost fifty years. Beyond electronic gizmos, you’ll also find that toys, clothes, even some food products are being manufactured in low-cost foreign regions. This has been a prevailing reality for a very long time, but things are about to change.

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